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Group order

Hey guys

I'm doing a group order for GEO circle lens.

With that said, I originally did this for my friends, but a couple people backed out and unfortunately they were the reason why I had the group order set up for the first place. 

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I'm currently 69 pairs away from minimum order quantity of 100 pairs. I want to close it soon (by end of August), so if you're interested, please tell your friends etc and I would be grateful. All lenses are below $10 per pair.

First time lens buyer.

I'm looking at gray lenses from Candy Lens, specifically the Geo Extra Crystal Nudy Gray circle lense.

1) Has anyone ordered from this site, and if so, how was your experience?
2) Any other recs for gray lenses in the $20ish range? I have blue-green eyes and I really want to make them pop.
3) I've never worn contacts before, are circle lenses comfortable and easy to wear? I do have slight astigmatism but I'm getting plano lenses since I wear eyeglasses.

4) My insurance doesn't cover contact exams and before I buy any lenses, I think it's in my best interest to at least find out my base curve so that I don't injure my eye at all. Anyone know where I can get a lens exam for not too much money? I think Costco does it for $55, which isn't too bad, but I don't know if Walmart or Target does it for cheaper.


Sorry to spam the community with all my questions-I'll be posting two reviews when my new contacts come though, ha ha! A review with my old ones and this new pair. I'm just confused about this. 

I decided to skip the group order and order on my own. I placed an order on honeycolor.com and it's been a week now and the order status still says "processing". It's the first time I order from them so what exactly does that mean? Has the order shipped out yet or has it not even been looked at yet?
My one-year prescription circle lenses are up so I'd like to re-order with someone who's making a U.S. group order. Note that I'd be paying by personal check though.

Also, how many types of circle lenses are there? Because last time I got Nudys, which I'm partial to, and the first pair I tried were the over-sized Barbie type which just looked scary. But since I'm re-ordering I wanted to know what other options I have.

Geo WTA-12 Blue Review

the review is here

thanks for looking! :3

So I received these contacts three days ago and was so excited about trying them on!!! These are my first pair of circle lens so I cannot really compare them to other lenses besides my normal prescription contacts.

I bought these circle lenses from www.candylens.com because I had read some good reviews and followed my gut to try out the website. I was very happy that I did!

They had good customer service, fast shipping, and very cute packaging!

I recieved: a cute animal case, a free promotional gift, the contacts, and a surprise personalized thank you card 

So here is the basic information on the contacts I bought which are the Geo Nudy Blue:
their diameter is 14 mm
water content is 38%
base curve is 8.6
and they last 12 months.
Now the lens review:


I was at first a little disappointed with the color because my bathroom lighting made them seem less noticeable. However, as you can see below, the color is pretty visible and has a blue/grey tint to it. ( I naturally have dark brown eyes) 


Although this wasn't the color I had initially hoped for, I am still very happy with the color. I usually receive complements from classmates who think they are REALLY cool. I even had a girl stare at my eyes for three minutes straight because she said they were so pretty. Its very subtle, natural and cute. So I'd give a 5/5 for color



The comfort on these lenses are AMAZING too :D I couldn't even feel these lenses! I would often forget I had them in until my boyfriend would remind me to take them off. I was really surprised about this because after all the circle lense controversy I thought they'd hurt; but it didn't.  For comfort I rate these a 5/5


I was initally scared that the 14mm circle lens would be too small but in reality they were pretty big for my eyes.  I eyes look bigger and my friends were able to tell that as soon as they saw me. I'm honestly happy that I didn't go for a bigger lens size. I think these are perfect! They enlarge without being too dramatic for an everyday look. So I give these a 5/5 for enlargement  because I am using these everyday at school and wanted a subtle change that people who knew me could notice but that wasn't over the top.

Overall I recommend these lenses for people who want a subtle but intriguing eye color and size change. I also recommend shopping at www.candylens.com because of their reliable, friendly site.


So...about that Glitter Lenses

Did anyone who participated in that order ever get anything? Last I heard they were sending out tracking numbers but I know I never got one and I haven't seen any more updates on their facebook.