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So I received these contacts three days ago and was so excited about trying them on!!! These are my first pair of circle lens so I cannot really compare them to other lenses besides my normal prescription contacts.

I bought these circle lenses from www.candylens.com because I had read some good reviews and followed my gut to try out the website. I was very happy that I did!

They had good customer service, fast shipping, and very cute packaging!

I recieved: a cute animal case, a free promotional gift, the contacts, and a surprise personalized thank you card 

So here is the basic information on the contacts I bought which are the Geo Nudy Blue:
their diameter is 14 mm
water content is 38%
base curve is 8.6
and they last 12 months.
Now the lens review:


I was at first a little disappointed with the color because my bathroom lighting made them seem less noticeable. However, as you can see below, the color is pretty visible and has a blue/grey tint to it. ( I naturally have dark brown eyes) 


Although this wasn't the color I had initially hoped for, I am still very happy with the color. I usually receive complements from classmates who think they are REALLY cool. I even had a girl stare at my eyes for three minutes straight because she said they were so pretty. Its very subtle, natural and cute. So I'd give a 5/5 for color



The comfort on these lenses are AMAZING too :D I couldn't even feel these lenses! I would often forget I had them in until my boyfriend would remind me to take them off. I was really surprised about this because after all the circle lense controversy I thought they'd hurt; but it didn't.  For comfort I rate these a 5/5


I was initally scared that the 14mm circle lens would be too small but in reality they were pretty big for my eyes.  I eyes look bigger and my friends were able to tell that as soon as they saw me. I'm honestly happy that I didn't go for a bigger lens size. I think these are perfect! They enlarge without being too dramatic for an everyday look. So I give these a 5/5 for enlargement  because I am using these everyday at school and wanted a subtle change that people who knew me could notice but that wasn't over the top.

Overall I recommend these lenses for people who want a subtle but intriguing eye color and size change. I also recommend shopping at www.candylens.com because of their reliable, friendly site.



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Apr. 8th, 2011 07:25 am (UTC)
They look amazing on you! :)
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