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Sorry to spam the community with all my questions-I'll be posting two reviews when my new contacts come though, ha ha! A review with my old ones and this new pair. I'm just confused about this. 

I decided to skip the group order and order on my own. I placed an order on honeycolor.com and it's been a week now and the order status still says "processing". It's the first time I order from them so what exactly does that mean? Has the order shipped out yet or has it not even been looked at yet?


Jun. 18th, 2011 04:38 am (UTC)
Ah, okay. I hope everything's okay because the status is still 'processing' and I e-mailed them roughly 72 hours (3 days ago) and they haven't responded yet. That's understandable since they get a hundred e-mails a day but by Tuesday next week it'll be 14 days and the order was supposed to have been -shipped- 48 hours after it was made and should've been here in 14 days. I just hope the package didn't get lost or something.